Friday, 16 October 2009

The Beginning of the Blog

I know its taken far too long, but today I’m posting the first entrance to my blog, because today, finally, I have the internet. Well, that’s my excuse, but the truth is I haven’t had a clue what to write. Its been half an hour since I wrote that sentence, in that time I have taken the rubbish out, washed up, nailed some cable tidies into my wall, re installed itunes and eaten a tuna pasta dish. I’m not really sure why I keep putting this off.
Since the first meeting at Ham House I have been completely devoid of inspiration. The truth is I just have no idea how to entertain children, the passing of my twenty first birthday has left me feeling old, jaded and completely out of touch. In fact, anyone who looks younger than me makes me check for my wallet, phone and keys. So far through university I have concentrated on theatre as an instrument for political change, and I have a hunch that kids won’t be entertained by a detailed analysis of the financial crisis.
While on the credit crunch, last Thursday, I saw the Power of Yes at the National Theatre. I’m not really sure what to say about it, it admits to not being theatre, but at no point does it admit to being very boring. It’s not that the vast amounts of often incomprehensible information thrown at you is boring, (although it can be) but more the fact at no point does the play even attempt to entertain its audience. The plot, if there is one, concentrates on the hows and not the whys, when it’s surely the latter that is important if the failing framework of capitalism is to be remoulded. I wouldn’t recommend this play, not to drama students, nor lovers of David Hare, not even to Bankers. It’s a shame, that arts ability to question society is wasted here, not just by the rudimentary playwriting, but by the fact manifestos for change are wasted upon the audience, a coughing, shuffling and dozing sea of grey hairs.
I am extremely apprehensive about next week, and I know I will be until four am and a brutal hangover provide me with some kind of inspiration, something with which I can contribute to the group.

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  1. Ben you have contributed so much already so I don't know why your so aprehensive!! GET WRITING BRO! You're stories are fab! :) xx